Things You Should Know About International Pet Travel


Pets whether a dog or a cat or even a parrot or for any pet which you want to take with yourself to another country needs to be guided by few rules and regulations. There is a different classification of the countries based on rabies found in some pets like dogs and cats under which a pet can be quarantined as well. So, to avoid such situation you need to be prepared from beforehand so that you can freely travel and stay with your pet in a different country. Knowing the rabies status of the country and the procedures to travel in such countries from your country is very important in case of Pet travel. 

Types of Rabies Classification of Countries

There are three types of countries according to the rabies classification and there are certain norms and regulations on the basis of the classification of the countries.

Rabies Free Country: These are the countries across the globe which are free of any rabies incidence at least in the stipulated time period which is used to classify the same.

Third Country: These are countries where there are few incidences of rabies found and this group of countries or the list under this category is the longest. Every European nation except the UK is a third country where the UK is a rabies-free country.

High Rabies Incidence: The third category is for the countries where there are many cases of rabies incidents found.

Tips for travelling from one country to another with your Pet

Preparing a pet travel can be challenging. So, if you are travelling from a third country to another third country which is the most common scenario then you need to show a document certifying that the pet of yours has been raised in the third country for at last a period of six months before the date of travel. It is one of the most easier travel as there are only a few requirements that are only a vet’s certificate and microchip for few countries under this category but yes, there are a tiny number of countries under this category as well which will ask for import permit as well.

The Vet’s certificate requirement is mandatory for some of the countries. It is due to the diseases like the kennel cough is rising in all types of pets, especially dogs and cats. You can learn more about this disease by visiting this link:

While travelling from the country which is free of rabies to a country whether a Third country or a country with high incidence of rabies is little scary as your pet might be quarantined when you will return from the other country. But while going to the third country or the country with high rabies incidence, you would require hardly any paperwork.

While travelling from the third country to rabies-free country, there will be blood test of the pet, the pet must have a microchip.

While rabies check is important so is the importance of a proper pet carrier or a crate where they can be safe from other people/pets on board. There might be objects as well which can harm them, so a proper carrier is very important for a Pet travel.

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