Methandienone dosage and its side effects


Methandienone is a popular anabolic steroid that is taken orally. Many users who have phobia of injections prefer this steroid and it is also popular with the names of Dbol, Brunavar, Averbol, Dianabol and Danabol. The use of this steroid is that it enhances muscle mass and the strength of the muscle mass in a very short span of time. This steroid passes through the liver with a just small portion of breakdown that allows it to be more effective when taken in oral form. It is always best to take a safe dosage of Brunavar to prevent the side effects.

Same like remaining steroids, Dianabol is also highly dangerous when it is taken in high doses and it can cause many serious side effects and even fatal ones in some cases. So, to avoid them you must have an idea of the safe dosage of Brunavar before starting the usage. Methandienone steroid can be one of the safer steroids available in steroid market but it really depends on how you’re going to take its dosage and for how much time you are going to take the cycle. Minimum dosage of this steroid for men has normally been considered to be around 20 mg per day to 25 mg per day. At this minimum level, even the side effects caused by methandienone will be very minimal compared with larger amounts of steroid. Even few studies stated that taking 20 mg of methandienone every day for 6 weeks will just slightly affect the levels of endogenous testosterone production. However, even these small amounts of Dianabol may cause too much of damage to the liver. For female users, this steroid dosage should be much lower compared to the male users. The minimum dosage of Dianabol for female users would range around 2.5 mg per day to 10 mg per day, any anabolic steroid will be potentially much more dangerous causing severe side effects. Dianabol was the second anabolic steroid that was developed and has been widely used by athletes and bodybuilders for the past six decades. Initially, at the time of its discovery, its dosage is around 10mg, which is a very small amount and would have mild but noticeable side effects for men and women.

However, athletes use this methandienone steroid in very higher quantities. They consume around 30 mg per day to 50 mg per day or even beyond. This Dianabol steroid can also be stacked with other steroids in order to make them stronger and more effective. Mainly there are five common side effects that are caused by Dianabol. They include Gynecomastia, High LDL Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Low HDL Cholesterol and Excess Water Retention. However, all these possible side-effects are avoidable, but it is always best to avoid Dianabol if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The severity of these side effects can be reduced by varying dosage. Always taking high doses doesn’t mean you’re going to feel the symptoms. It mainly depends on the physiological makeup of the user and how their body responds. The best way to avoid all these side effects is to take Dianabol dosage as indicated on the package. First-time users should not stack Dbol with another steroid so that if there are any symptoms you’ll know where it came from.

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