Things You Should Know About Prescription Drug Abuse Before You Clear a Drug Test


We all know that the entire USA features a drug issue, but today, we are not talking about illegal drugs such as crack, meth or cocaine. The public has stated numerous warning signs about illicit drugs, but today, we can also see examples of overdoses that happen in both luxurious mansions and small towns.

Even though illegal substances such as meth and cocaine are still accessible for abuse throughout thecountry, the new class of drugs entered the market and created a pandemic that could lead to severe consequences.

We are talking about options, which area class of drugs that include opiates such as heroin, morphine,and codeine as well as synthetic opioids thatcan mimic the effects of natural opium.

You can find those drugs in various forms, which means both illegal and legal. For instance, prescription opioids that arealso known as prescription painkillers have become popularall acrossthe USA, which resulted in devastating addiction, misuse,and overdose.

Have in mind that for clearing a drug test, you should also be cleansed from prescription pills, and if you take them for some medical purpose, you should talk with your employer before you enter the work and show all medical reports you have as proof.

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The most common prescription pain medications include oxycodone, tramadol, hydrocodone,and morphine as well as many more. Even though they are useful for treating chronic pain issues for some people, in the USA, these drugs are also used for recreational purposes and cause severe addiction after prolonged use.

For instance, only in 2015 more than 33 thousand people died from opioid overdose according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control). More than half of them used legal options, which means that they have obtained them through prescription.

The worst thing happened to Ohio that has been hit with opium crisis due to prescription drug addiction, which is why people decided to use an illegal and cheaper alternative such as heroin due to strict regulations for prescription pills.

The dosage increased to 81 million times between 2011 and 2015, and still, they are accounted for 30% of overdose deaths in 2015. The rate in which people from the USA are abusing, using and overdosing on prescription pills and medications is not a coincidence.

The main reason for that is a simple way to access them, which makes it a national issue that could be resolved by cultural attitude shift and large-scale change.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Too Many Drugs In The USA?

When we compare the USA with other countries in the world, we can easily say that they are the largest prescribers of opioids,and according to data by the United Nations, this particular country outranks any other nation in the world when it comes to consumption, which means that standard dose per million people, can reach fifty thousand doses.

This particular epidemic when it comes to drug consumption rate cannot be traced entirely and accurately to simple causes such as widespread increases in pain and aging population. The fact states that most opioid deaths were highest for people betweenthe ages of 45 and 54.

At the same time, Americans have reported that they do not feel a significantincrease in pain and still the sales of opioids quadrupled between 1999 and 2014.

Even though we have to think about numerous factors, the idea that the USA features high rates of prescription drug use is due to loose regulations and influence of large pharmaceutical companies.

We cannot make indisputable fact and information that will point in one direction toward person or organization which is guilty for this particular pandemic, because long term use of opioid medications for pain relief stated that one out of five patients would pain will get this specific type of drug to drink.

Therefore, we can say that doctors are changing the way we function and they are doing that toa broad population. The main reason for that is that there are no standards in the USA that will dictate when it is appropriate to prescribe this particular type of addictive drug.

That is the main reason why attitudes toward prescribing them can vary from doctor to doctor and state to state. Of course, everything depends on the physician and how he/she sees the patient, but giving these severe opioids for minor injuries such as sprained ankle is entirely crazy.

On the other hand, patients are unaware that these drugs feature an addictive nature, which means that they will start using them for a specific reason and after a while, they will begin taking them each time something hurts them or when they feel the pain.

After a while, that will lead to substance use disorder and many more additional problems. Check this link: so that you can learn more on regulations on prescription medication.

What about Regulations?

Even though the USA makes only 4% of the entire population in the world, it accounts for 30% of drug overdose deaths, and half of them are due to prescription drug use. The main reason for that is the lack of regulations when it comes to prescribing them and creating a user.

Even though specialists administer pain relievers in Europe and other countries, other physicians can prescribe them in the USA, and according to most users’ primary care physicians are the ones that write more than half of nation’s opium pain relievers.

Therefore, individual states have to fight off their prescription drug monitoring regulations and create programs; we cannot find centralized, the federal system that will do the same monitoring but for the entire country.

A large number of medical professionals has legal rights to prescribe them and when we combine this with a lack of regulations, most patients today get addicted to a doctor shop. It is a universal net where patients go from doctor to doctor until they find a person who will prescribe them the opioids.

At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are playing a significant role because they are endorsing doctors so that they can prescribe these drugs.

That is another federal problem system has to address so that we can reduce the number of overdoses and other issues as well.

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