Counting baby kicks are important


Pregnancy is something where one needs to be very careful and very much attentive to the baby. One needs to be cautious about every step they take and need to reach out to a gynaecologist for any kind of suggestions they need.

Once the pregnancy covers the first two trimesters, women with a baby have to be the most careful. Once they reach the last part that is the third trimester they need to check on the baby inside and their movement on a daily basis. it is also that part of pregnancy when can you start feeling your baby kick.

Once you start feeling that, then one needs to be more careful about their pregnancy. However, the website is the best place for you to get relative information about it.

It is said by the gynaecologist once the baby starts kicking, then the mother needs to count their kicks on a daily basis. One can pick up a time of the day when the baby is most active. They are generally active after the mother eats. So, if one wants, they can easily count them after taking a snack or a light meal.

When the mother feels that the baby is awake, then sit with their feet up or they can lie in their side and then start counting the movements or the kicks. One can also count other things like turns, twists, swishes, rolls and jabs apart from the kicks as well. If one wants to keep a record, which is also necessary then one can log the number of minutes till they count at least 10 baby movements at a go.

When one is doing a kick counter, it generally takes 10 to 15 minutes but sometimes it may take longer like an hour or two. There are some problems and harder time during perceiving kicks when the pregnant woman in overweight. It is also said that the sensation of a kick will not be very noticeable and sharp when the pregnancy will slowly progress and then the baby will turn big and will have much lesser space to move around.

One needs to call the mid wife or the doctor immediately if the counting of the kicks takes more than 2 hours. Then a non stress test will be performed by the doctor to check the baby’s heart rate. When the test is done, then it can rule out any life threatening emergency if it is there. Also the doctor can find out of there is any underlying movement happening inside the womb.

If there is any problem, the doctor can go for an ultra sound in order to get some more explanation about the problem. But again that has to be done more carefully. Also, one needs to be aware that if the idea of charting kicks makes the mother anxious. Many medical studies have shown that simply paying attention to your baby’s movements in uterus and reporting the major problems to your doctor or the mid wife can also reduce the possibility of any kind of issues.

In a pregnancy at then second trimester is when can you start to feel the baby kick and one should follow that. You can check also the website provides the essential basics of pregnancy. With such great information, you can easily get more knowledge to keep your baby healthy, and safe.

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