How To Correct A Crooked Smile Without The Braces


Smiling is the best feature of your face. Having great teeth can enhance that smile. Nobody likes a crooked smile, but having braces is even worse than having a crooked smile. Click this link to learn more about the Signs You Need Invisalign Treatment.

The reason for a crooked smile can be any of these:

1)     Misaligned tooth/teeth

2)     Crowded teeth

3)     Buck Teeth

4)     Difficulty in closing your mouth

5)     Breathing through your mouth

6)     Difficulty in chewing

7)     Difficulty in speaking

8)     Chipped or Broken teeth

9)     Tooth Gap

Let us look at how you can fix each of these problems:

  • Misaligned tooth/teeth: If you only have one or two teeth that are misaligned consider metal retainers that can be used over night only and need not be worn all day. Retainers are generally used as an after braces treatment as a way to maintain the position of teeth. They have just enough pressure to correct a misaligned tooth.
  • Crowded teeth: Not only do crowded teeth affect your smile, if they are too crowded they can also change the shape of your jaw. Sometimes less growth of your jaw can affect the position of the teeth, Palatal expanders are best if you have a smaller jaw issue. But for other issues Invisalign London clear teeth aligners are the best braces alternative.
  • Buck Teeth: Caused commonly due to tongue reinforcement as a child. Buck teeth can easily be cleared using clear teeth aligners by Invisalign. It is difficult by methods other than braces such as retainers as they require reinforcement the whole day. Clear aligners are the best alternative.
  • Difficulty in closing your mouth: It is most commonly caused due to your teeth not being aligned properly. This is a severe misalignment issue and can be fixed only by clear aligners. In case of extreme misalignment consider going for a surgery.
  • Breathing through your mouth: Breathing through your mouth is caused due to difficulty in closing your mouth. Again a severe misalignment issue can easily be solved using clear aligners.

There is a common study that revolves around breathing through your mouth and misalignment of your jaw. Now that study proves that due to certain nostril problems people choose breathing through your mouth which misaligns their jaw. Please make sure you don’t have any of those problems.

  • Difficulty in Speaking: Difficulty in speaking a certain syllable can be due to a gap in your teeth. Losing air through that gap can cause misspelling a few words. Fixing a tooth gap is not easy. It might require surgery in many cases. But if it is not severe they are good to go only with clear aligners.
  • Chipped or broken teeth: Chipped or broken teeth can be fixed using veneers. Or even ceramic caps can be fixed on chipped or broken teeth.

Other things to fix apart from teeth for a good smile:

  • Teeth Whitening: If your teeth are a yellower shade or tend to develop plaque you might consider getting teeth whitening.
  • Gummy smile: If your gums show up while you smile they can cause an illusion of smaller teeth. Consider gum contouring to reduce the appearance of Gums.
  • Too much mouth breathing: If you have swollen nostrils, you tend to open your mouth that can cause the overall jaw to drop thereby decreasing its protrusion.
  • Improper Oral hygiene: Improper oral hygiene not only leaves you with yellow teeth or bad breath they also can lead to premature loosing of teeth.
  • Posture: A good neck and back posture can enhance your smile.

Invisalign helps you to have a perfect smile, and hence we hope this guide was helpful for you. If you have any other “smile” issues here we give you a useful reference website  It provides information about Dental Care, Health & Fitness, Men’s, Supplements, and Weight Loss.

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