CNA Classes: The Purpose and Requirements


If you have decided to become a CNA, then your first step has to be enrolling in classes; you’ll have to make a wise choice as the demand for this course is pretty higher. Excellent job opportunities and higher payment are expected to remain high in future as well.

By completing CNA Classes, you would get some experience and knowledge that gives better position in nursing. The experience that you earn as a CNA is invaluable to pursuing your career goals and education, while earning a decent amount of salary. You get better picture of your career while attending the course and this guide will clear important questions that you may have about CNA.

You can find several options for CNA classes and training courses; there will be certification exam, mainly on practical and theory classes. You can find best classes online and regular courses.

The Purpose

The main intension of the classes and training courses is to offer all the essential education and skills to the applicants (students) regarding CNA and tests. It comprises of:

  • Job role of a nursing assistant
  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Maintaining and taking care of the hygiene factor not only of the patients, but also the surroundings
  • Using medical equipments, especially the wheel chairs

  • Good form of communication with patients
  • Knowledge about treatment procedure
  • General practices, such as how to call patients by name, wearing gloves, how to address patients, how to make them understand about treatment procedures, etc.
  • General guidelines to drugs and handling injuries and infections.

Requirements for CNA Classes

Below are the requirements for CNA classes and certification:

  • Candidates should be at least 18-years of age in order to apply for exam. (though few states allow 16-years age people)
  • Applicants should have high school qualification

  • Students should be fit both mentally and physically
  • Applicant should hail from no criminal background

Enrolling in a CNA Class

If you’re planning to enter into health care field, but are not sure how to invest your effort and time into fully fledged nursing degree, then CNA classes and training should be your alternative option. As a certified nurse assistant, you should help other members of team to offer specialized and safe health care. There is a strict code of practice, which is required to be followed by all CNAs. The various job opportunities available to you assist in range of multiple fields and clinical settings of health care, such as doctor’s private practice, dialysis, or cardiology.

The whole course should be 150hrs, including both theory and practical classes; the important skills that candidates should be taught include patient’s rights, medical assisting, emergency procedures, infection control, and nursing safety procedures.


Upon taking the course at reputable sources, you’ll be able to get job as CNA in the health care field, earning nearly $20,000/$30,000 annually. Hence, it’s suggested to investigate and research the specific curriculums and programs provided by CNA classes and training institutions to secure a job in future.

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