Guidelines to Write Compare and Contrast Types of Essays


Comparing and contrasting academic writing is about expressing students’ point of views by contrasting and comparing various topics. These essays usually emphasize on the differences and similarities between two and more subjects. Both the aspects are taken into consideration in one assignment.

When you are assigned to work on comparison and contrasting topics, it becomes difficult to put both the aspects in one assignment. However, leaving you with no choice, you need to deliver the best possible works to score well in your assessment. Here are few tips that can help you with it.

Before the tips, know why you are assigned to create such an essay:

  • To gain more information on the given topic
  • Encourage you to bring out connections between two different subjects
  • Enhancing your skills in to create unique essay
  • To format interesting analysis
  • Improve your descriptive and comparative presentation abilities

Reasons behind comparing and contrasting topics:

It helps you to list down the pros and cons of more than one subject, which can be used for debates. It is to gain complete knowledge about the particular topic in the simplest way. Improves your writing skills get and you get broader concept of the topic given to you. Your final submission depends upon the ideas and thesis you like to include in the structure.

Students also get to improve their language and formatting their ideas in a unique pattern. They get to be creative and try out new ways to present their works. Such an essay helps you be discreet as well as descriptive. For more information on how kids may improve their creative writing abilities, visit this website:

Steps write contrast and compare essay

    • Research on the given topics in detail
    • Figure about the structure you want to organize and outline your ideas
    • Start your essay with an introduction where in you discuss the uniqueness of both the subjects
    • In the following paragraphs, you can write about the features of the first topic. It will be better not to include any about the second topic in this paragraph.
    • In the next paragraph, you could write about the characteristics of the second topic.
    • After thoroughly analyzing both the subject, you can show the comparison between them, supported by detailed examples. This will help you portray your ideas well.
    • Contrasting can also be done in the similar manner.
    • Conclusion needs to be wrapped up by mentioning the important point, followed by your personal opinion on both the topics.
    • Proofreading the essay before submitting is important to avoid silly mistakes.

Not in all cases, but sometimes you might be asked to write an essay on either comparison or contrast of the various topics. In such a situation, you need to focus on only one aspect of the topics given to you, either compare them or show contrast.

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