Some Ways to Crack the English Section of SAT


SAT is an important exam that decides the future of most students after high school. The exam may be standardized, but it comes with a host of difficulties that may stump you if you don’t understand the rubrics of the exam and develop a deep understanding of the same. Even the best SAT prep course in Singapore encourage you to practice at home and relax one night before the exam day. They teach you that there is only one correct answer for every question in SAT, so if you think that there are two answers to the same question, then that is just a tactic employed by the paper setters to confuse you.

SAT English may seem easy if you have been good at English since high school, but it is always better to revise so that you remain at the top of your game. Although SAT’s English section does not have difficult sub-topics, the questions embedded do come with a host of confusing answers. You need to realize that if answers seem subjective or opinion biased, that’s because they have been created that way to throw you off the track.

How to crack the English section of SAT

  1. Find the Evidence questions

SAT tuition Singapore will ensure that you understand what the questions expect from you. It has been established that in the new SAT the questions mean that you have to select an excerpt from the passage that gives you the best evidence for your solution to the previous problem. It has been observed that such questions are instrumental in clearing your doubts regarding the context provided in the passage. It could happen that you have selected two answers for the question provided, and if the next question is an evidence-based question, you can quickly skim the options and get a clear idea of the passage that can help you solve the previous question without any doubts. Your confusion regarding the two choices will be cleared easily because the evidence-based question will have some words in the options that will remove any ambiguity.

  1. How to read passages

It is essential that you develop a passage reading strategy during SAT practice so that it comes naturally during the test. It prevents you from spending too much time on a question.
You can start with skimming the passage first. Without reading the passage too closely, you can develop a major understanding of what the passage means and answer the ‘main-idea’ questions that have been asked in the question set following the paragraph.
If you have the habit of reading quickly and thoroughly all throughout highschool, then you will breeze through this section. However, you must check if you’re slowing down during the test by using the technique of ‘reading the entire passage’. You should engage in some practice mock tests that will enable you to gauge your techniques and the efficiency of their application.
Skipping straight to the questions initially may seem like the best option because then you can read the passage by keeping the questions in mind. This is an effective technique if it is paired with the first two techniques. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about choosing the right English course.

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