STX Entertainment focuses on making movies for the mature audience


The filmmaking business in Hollywood has always been a tricky one. While some producers with a great string of hits fail to run a studio properly, there are others who are able to achieve just that even with little success in the production business. The fickleness of the audience also does little to help the situation. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to say what lies in the fortune of a studio that is headed by an experienced movie producer like Robert Simonds. A highly successful producer who has been in business since early 90s, Robert Simonds has made numerous hit movies that have appealed to audiences all over the world. With his new studio STX Entertainment, he aims to create movies that are certainly going to leave a lasting impact on the minds of the viewers.

Unlike some of the superhero movies that are being released over the past few years, Robert Simonds intends to make movies that are geared more towards viewers with more mature preferences when it comes to movies. Many of the movies that have been released in the past belonged to the superhero genre which he feels have strongly depleted the creative pool of Hollywood. While these movies are able to bring in substantial profits in most of the instances, the truth is that they also significantly limit the scope of what can be achieved in the world of cinema. It is this creative depletion that Robert Simonds aims to change with his all new media production house STX Entertainment.

As a highly experienced movie producer who has been in this business for more than the last 25 years, Robert Simonds has time and again made movies that have appealed to the large masses. With his studio and media house STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds plans on creating mid budget movies that will feature interesting storylines which can in turn encourage moviegoers to enjoy a different form of movie entertainment that typical superhero movies that often have predictable plotlines. He believes that such a new wave of making movies for the mature audience is certainly going to appeal to viewers all over the country as well as international audience who truly love to see something more than just superhero flicks.

Plenty of industry insiders are currently asking the question: Can Robert Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? While many studios having such grand plans have been launched in the past, a lot of them failed to make the desired mark in the industry. It is a true fact that it requires a lot of financial backup for the studios to withstand any kind of down time. STX Entertainment is certainly fortunate in this regard as it does have a substantial financial base to begin with. That being said, STX Entertainment still needs multiple hits at this point of time so that it can have a powerful base of movies to depend on when some of them do not bring the right kind of profits.

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