What is Pure Water Technology?


When it is about cleaning of windows and ensuring it stays clean for a longer period of time, the only one thing that comes to mind is the pure water technology. This technology is perfect for residential, commercial and industrial window cleaning usage. Here, one question arises that what is the use of this technology in window cleaning? Normal water contains a lot of impurities which usually gets absorbed from the environment and surroundings. These impurities are mainly removed by passing the water through different purifications systems. Purified water has the ability to absorb the impurities when it comes into contact with dirt. Owing to this reason, pure water absorbs the entire dirt that gets accumulated on the window surface.

This technology comprises pumps, reverse osmosis unit and another important system. The combination of the latest technology and highly efficient equipment helps in delivering the purest and demineralised water which suits best of window glass cleaning.

Now, let’s have a close look on –what a water fed pole is?

In simple words, it can be said that this fed pole is a system or device that uses only purified water for cleaning the building windows and its surfaces. Along with this, it can also be utilised for cleaning of truck trailers, vinyl awnings, etc. This pole makes utilisation of a normal tap water which is generally connected to a mobile deionised water filtration unit. The main function of the deioniser filtration system is to reduce the content of calcium, salt and other contaminants in the water. This water fed system comes with a huge number of benefits such as:

  • Water fed system is able to reach and clean up to six stories from the ground.
  • With the use of these systems, there will be no use of ladders. Thus, there is low risk to the window cleaners.
  • One of the biggest benefits of having this fed pole is that there’s no need to work all day long. This system ensures quick cleaning of the windows. Traditional cleaning involves carrying bucket up and down. But, with these systems, you need not do all these things.
  • The Fed pole system uses purified water for removing the accumulated dust and dirt from the window glass panes. It also ensures deep cleaning of the windows. The best part is that dirt takes time to start accumulating again on the surface.
  • Water fed system has the ability to clean the other parts of the windows such as sills, frames fascias etc. which cannot be done using traditional methods of cleaning.
  • Also, this system helps in protecting windows and glasses. In this water fed pole system, there is no use of chemical or any harsh materials. It only uses purified water that won’t do any harm to the surface or glass of the window.

These days, pure water technology is high in demand for excellent cleaning of windows. Some noted and reliable service providers of window cleaning who makes utilisation of this technology are Active Window Cleaners located in Perth, Western Australia.

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