Mechanical Keyboards:Do You Have Any Reason to Buy One?


It would be quite appropriate to state that mechanical keyboards are what you get when you combine classic typewriters with digital keyboards. They share the same basic spring-coil switch mechanism, although the implementation is not identical. So, why should a gamer or even the average office worker care about mechanical keyboards in 2022?

Well, let’s just say that not everything in the world of Information Technology (IT) has managed to evolve as well as most. Unfortunately, the modern keyboard is a perfect example, and we will learn more about it next.

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A Rare Instance of Superior Technology from the Past

It might be hard to believe, but the old buckling spring switches by IBM were superior in every possible way, if we were to compare them with the average membrane keyboards that most of us use today. Each switch was an individual part with its own micro coil spring action.

As a result, the act of typing was a more ergonomic, accurate, and satisfying experience on the old typewriters and IBM keyboards than it can ever be on a membrane keyboard. They were loud, bulky,and expensive though, which is why the membrane keyboards were invented and mass produced to satiate the needs of the average computer user.

A Rare Instance of OEMs Bringing Back Retro Tech Successfully

Mechanical keyboards initially appealed and catered only to gamers, but that has changed now. Thanks to heavy price cuts and a wide range of mechanical and opto-mechanical switches being manufactured now, mechanical keyboards are no longer as expensive as they used to be. Moreover, they are better than the retro spring switches which inspired their existence.For example, if you choose a mechanical keyboard that houses Cherry MX Red switches with proper cushioning, it will be more silent than your current membrane keyboard. It solves the main issue that led to the membrane keyboard’s invention.

If you need something that provides tactile feedback while typing, go with Cherry MX Brown switches. If you love the clicky sound and feel of those classic buckle spring keys, Cherry MX Blue switches would be ideal. Gamers, on the other hand, may benefit the most from Cherry MX Silver switches in their keyboard because they are the fastest, pure mechanical switches around. You will find the entire range of mechanical keyboards with original Cherry MX switches from multiple manufacturers on

Everyone Has a Reason to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard Now

To answer the main question, everyone who uses a computer on a regular basis can benefit from getting a mechanical keyboard, irrespective of whether your priority is gaming or typing.The ergonomics, the feel, and the quality of each individual switch that’s typical to all mechanical keyboards make them a far superior option.If you have never used one before, rest assured that you won’t be able to go back to membrane after using a mechanical keyboard for the first time.

Do be careful about which switch you choose and the keyboard manufacturer. Although mechanical and opto-mechanical switches last a lot longer than the lifetime of several membrane keyboards combined, unknown brands skip quality checks and use poor quality materials to manufacture them. The circuit boards start to go haywire within a very short time, which makes any exceptionally cheap mechanical keyboard a bad decision. To discover more about the durability of mechanical switches, on this website:

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