8 Superb Contact Lenses for Everyone


Contact lenses are necessary to minimize the effects of poor vision. With the passage of time, several varieties of contact lenses have been introduced. Most of these varieties are specific to vision, preference and necessity. Men or women havingdry eye issues can minimize irritation by using quality lenses. Visit Eyewa where quality products are available with a special eyewa code. Those who like more deals and discounts should find further details at Coupon.ae. Following are the top lenses for dry eyes recommended byeye experts.

Bausch and Lomb Ultra

This is ideal for farsighted and nearsighted persons. This lens also supports the patients suffering from Refractive Error. These are made from Silicone Hydrogel. This material lets more oxygen in the cornea. Moisture Seal Technology ensures 95 percent moisture level in the eyes for a long period of 16 hours.

Cooper Vision Bioninity Lenses

Users who need an advanced level of comfort must try it. It is an affordable monthly lens. The lens is based on modern Aqua form Comfort Science Technology. This lets the oxygen remain in the cornea for longer. This silicon hydrogel based contact lens is highly recommended because of low cost.

Alcon Dailies Total-1

These are ideal daily contact lenses for people who prefer to use disposable lenses. These lenses minimize the risk of deposit buildup. On the other hand, it has a Water Gradient Technology that creates a moisture cushion inside the eyes. Highly breathable lenses are available at an affordable price and eyewa code.

Hydrogel Vision Extreme

This is a weekly soft contact lens. It is best for dry eyes because of the premium silicon hydrogel technology. It stores more moisture and oxygen to keep the cornea fresh. This Ultra-Durable lens is excellent to minimize the irritation in eyes because of 54 percent moisture retention.

Alcon Air Optix

The Aqua Multifocal variant of this model is equally suitable for far and near vision correction. This monthly contact is superb to control moisture level. People with dry eyes should try this amazing lens in order to ensure high oxygen permeability and water retention.


This is a specialized lens for astigmatism. It is a stabilization design enabling the users to have a stable vision as the lens will not rotate or fall during eye blinking. With 38 percent of water retention and HydraclearPlus Technology, this lens is strongly recommended to treat patients with astigmatism. You can buy it by the use of eyewa code at an affordable price.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus

People who experience a tough time due to dry eyes should bring this lens. It has excellent potential to minimize itching, redness, allergies and irritation. Dailies AquaComfort Plus is the right choice for all types of users especially those who use eye drops for above mentioned problems.

Air Optix Colors

These are colored lenses with SmartShield Technology. Subtle shades such as Honey, Gray, Gemstone Green and Amethyst are available to give you the best feeling. These lenses have maximum moisture retention and oxygen storage. You can buy these lenses at affordable prices by applying a recent eyewa code online.

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