The world of scooty

When it comes to having the best of memories on the roads, scooties are no lesser than their other counterparts known as bikes. Don’t go by their simpler bikes, because behind that look is hidden the top class features that can create an amazing breakthrough in the two-wheeler industry. Yamaha is one such brand that never fails to mesmerize with its world-class featured scooties. This Japanese conglomerate has created a niche of its own and has the repute of owning one of the major shares in the market of two wheeler scooters. This article details further about the general reviews of one of its products named Yamaha Fascino and how has it influenced the current market of the two wheelers.

An overall view

This all-new model of Yamaha is the perfect combination of grace, looks and high performance when you search for all of the three traits in your dream vehicle. Its 113 cc 4 stroke and single cylinder engine will just tempt you to purchase the model and test it on the roads to have the best of the two-wheeler experiences of your life. Priced at about Rs 55,000 the money is worth investing and as the article advances further, you will realize why Yamaha Fascino meets all of those expectations.

The world-class looks

The amazing curves and texture of the model give the look of neo-retro style to the entire vehicle that can just entice the inner cords of a two-wheeler lover. Starting from headlights to the exhaust and intake systems, everything is positioned at optimal positions keeping in mind the ergonomic aspects of the driver. The automotive plastic of the vehicle is so well-finished that it gives the finest of the looks to the sore eyes. Its different shades of hues and colors of models available ensure that the riders get the desirable models of their choice and hence, in the end, it gives priority to its customers the most.

The other technicalities

The following other technicalities of Yamaha Fascino ensure that it is the best of its type in the current industry of two-wheelers that set the newer standards every time: –

  • The engine of 113 cc air cooled, 4 stroke and single cylinder along with the V-belt automatic transmission offers the optimal travel on all types of terrain and hence satisfies all of the comforts of the riders.
  • It has the dimensions that meet the standard ergonomic standards of the two-wheelersso that a large group of riders can fit into the same and have the best and comfortable ride of their lifetime. Also comes with the brownie point is its enhanced safety features.
  • It provides the ideal mileage and fuel efficiency of 66 km per liter that is much higher than the other two-wheeler scooters of the industry and this is all due to the unique Blue Core technology of Yamaha.
  • Its other suspension components like wheels, springs,and forks ensure the best stability for the rider and dampen all of the unnecessary parameters to the maximum level, thus increasing the driver control over the vehicle.

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