Why Indian Medical care is affordable?


India is known for its cultural heritage and bio-diversity. However in the recent times, India has excelled in the healthcare industry. The progress has been recorded in every field of medicine and of other alternative medicines.

A range of treatment in psychiatry, fertility treatment, neurosurgery, cosmetology, trichology… name them… they are all here and set to offer well-planned treatment packages in India.

Here are few reasons why Medical tourism in general is considered affordable in India.


Being the most referred destination for Affordable treatment in India hospitals are have the benefit of scope of expansion. It is predicted that by 2020 Indian medical tourism would be able to attract more patients than all the last three years put together.

Individuals from around the world seek India for world-class facilities which facilitate growth in economy. In turn this makes India advanced enough to handle Urology, Organ Transplant, hip replacement heart surgery and other complicated surgeries. The technology is far more advanced with extensive investments in the surgical machinery and equipments, thus, attracting a lot of patients from abroad.


Most common of ailments may not cost much and are easier to access within their own countries. The medical bills are often high for advanced procedures. High demand for these procedures even leaves one with no option but to opt for loans. The cost of the most sought procedures this is why keeps sky rocketing.

The growing demand for Affordable treatment in India understands of the expenses a patient might incur. It’s fair on foreign nationals bearing their expenses of getting treated for any of the above procedures on an outpatient basis.

The same applies to other procedures that requires and waiting for months to get your job done. All of this is possible at one tenth of the cost in Indian hospitals. The cost comes down but high quality medical product, implants or any other parts that is the needed for the surgery are addressed cautiously.


Most of the breakthrough treatments are in the field of cancer treatment is taking place in India. This has opened up new health services to the global population suffering from brain, knee to spine cancer. Specialized care in India has increased accessibility and cancer treatments are affordable with generic medicines. Innumerable medical tourism portals offer best of both worlds as class treatment and surgery come within the minimum budget.

Services offered by hospitals are reasonable including even post surgery cost.


The same goes with specialists who have expertise in the field of fertility care and surrogacy. Assistance of all sorts in every step offer transparency. At every other point health care facilities ensure safety of the patient and are highly concerned with the procedures.

India as the hotspot of all destinations for medical tourists is thus attracting the global population with all these advantages on the list.

Overall these treatments now are on par with the number of patients of all the developing nations put together. Be it getting a cancer treatment or undergoing an organ transplant, India over the period has carved itself a niche in the market.

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