Visitor management System – The smart receptionists!


In todays competitive business era, no organisation can afford to have their staff operating at 20% disadvantage. Everyone loves their employees working endlessly as fast as possible. Markets have exploded and visitor mangement systems have proved their existence. You can find them sitiing almost in every office’s reception, screening people and shielding the staff from interruptions.  From tech companies to law offices, schools, universities and hospitals you can find visitor management softwares are deployed everywhere across organizations.

Modern office security management systems encompass a range of technologies that are highly potential and reduce stress on staff members as well as the staff receptionists. A sophisticated visitor management system never loses track of any visitor entering your office premises and keeps your sensitive visitor data safe and secure. Reception staff plays an important role in keeping the premises secure and ensuring that visitors are looked after. Appointing a modern digital reception automation system will enhance the productivity and lower the stress on the former staff so that they can take care of more important things that can not be automated. Visitor management systems today make up for a smooth and professional guest experienceand at the same time allows the actual staff to deliver essential insights related to the business.

A good visitor management system can do far more than checking-in and checking-out the visitors like:-
1) Streamline the check-in process by speeding up the guest registration process.

2) Provide secure access to your guests by screening them individually on the system.

3) Track visitor activities inside the workplace premises.

4) Capture images of every visitor.

5) Print badges for secure visit without any confusion.
6) Acknowledge all the legal documents like NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement).
7) Get visitor signatures digitally on the tablet device.
8) Pre-register your expected guests.
9) Notifications for appointment assistance by the hosts.
10) Analyze important data from admin dashboard and drive meaningful insights.

Therefore appointing a digital visitor management system would enhanceoffice productivity and security. Take the first step towards a peaceful workplace for employees and visitors with the help of visitor management system.Automating the reception area would funnel the guests through one spot in the building that will further adds to unified management. The modern receptionist can be monitored effortlessly through a dynamic dashboard which can also be used to drive insights and prepare customized reports. Apart from such complex features modern visitor management system serve easy and securely. Following above will surely leave a positive remark on your business and improve interaction and reputation of your company. From financial point of view you will surely notice immediate financial savings as there will be no involvement of manual staff receptionists, paper logbooks and moreover a lot of time would be saved.







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