Ultimate Road Trips Wind Your Way through Central Greece


If you’re looking to go on a road trip then you’re in luck. One of the best ways to road trip is outside of the country, and Greece is absolutely one of the best places to see sights around. Everything is accessible by car, and most of the cities are close together enough that it won’t take you three days to travel. Yet you still will have time to roll through the Greek scenery and take a look at the sharp beach cliffs and rolling hills. Before you go you of course need to make sure that you have passed your Dsa driving test, but once you do, the sky is the limit.

Every visitor of Greece needs to visit Athens at least once. After all it once was considered the most prosperous city in the world. Go on in and check out famous museums that detail the past history of Greece. Or feel free to visit the old buildings from the golden days of Greece that are still standing. See the Pantheon and the famous temple to Athena. There isn’t really anything that can be said that explains the amazing feeling that you get looking at these colossal relics of the past. It’s something that you have to see to believe, and to truly understand the amount of work and soul that these people put into their creations.

When you are done there head on over to Delphi, there you can visit where the ancient oracles lived. This is where the sanctuary to Apollo was built, and where the oracles would give advice to common folk and famous leaders. Learn all about the different prophecies that they would give, and how they helped shape what became of Greece. There is also a famous museum here based around the temple to Apollo. It has many artifacts and a lot of information detailing how the temple used to work.

Your next stop should be to Nafplion. This is now known as one of the prettiest cities in Greece, the weather is perfect and exactly what you’d expect in Greece. It is also nearby the old city of Corinth, which has some famous ancient ruins as well. Many amazing things happened here, after all the great poet Homer himself spoke of these cities.

Monemvassia will be a good break for you from all of the sight-seeing. While it does have its own sites, such as the oldest medieval church in Greece, it also has a fantastic beach. Feel free to dive in the ocean and swim around to your heart’s content. You will find that the climate is perfect, and that this is the best location to just let your entire worries float away. You may also explore Ayia Sophia for some of the most spectacular views that you will find in Greece, or anywhere else for that matter.

Road tripping through Greece promises to be a great experience, just make sure you have everything in order before you leave and you’ll find yourself an unforgettable time. The key is to plan everything out so sit down and decide what you want to see, you won’t be disappointed.

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