The World of Americas Rifle


Sports are very open events, that millions of people all over the world watch daily. Many already know about the usefulness of the complete AR-10 rifle at shooting ranges and for hunting down game. not Millions also know about Shooting sports, or more specifically sports with any AR-15 rifles. Shoot sports, a recreational sporting activity, tests of accuracy, speed, precision, and time, it is very much like archery, however guns are used instead of bows. Shooting sports are even an Olympic sport, but while many hand guns and rifles are listed to be used A.R.-15’s are not.

Shooting sports are not new, but have been around for hundreds of years, along with shooting ranges. While the A.R.15 is not used in the Olympics it is used in many shooting ranges all over the world, and to many is very thrilling to use. It comes in many sizes, and styles for the beholder, and is known as the “Americas Rifle” the name given by the National Rifle Association. The lightweight of the rifle is a main key for most users and buyers but this was not always the case for the A.R 15 and its sisters models. The first production, done by Colt, of the A.R 15 did not sell well due to its carry handles which made the rifle awkward to use. Yet in the 1990’s sales of the rifle went up over 100% due to the next generation designs and flat top upper receive which made mounting of the rifle much easier.

Much debate over the sale of A.R. in stores have been in major news media’s over the last few years. The rise of A.R. 15’s have also brought the rise of mass shootings to be used with them. A.R.’s are used in the military and hunting communities, due to the dangers they can be some states in the United States of America have even banned the purchase and use of them for their citizens. Regardless of any side to politics most people due agree without proper knowledge, or in the wrong hands, this weapon is deadly. Due to these ongoing issues many sporting good stores (across the world, not just America) have banned the sales of them. In fact, America is not just trying to ban the sale of them, but ban the make and use of them completely. Yet both sides do make good points on the good and bad outcomes a ban might have on the American people.

Overall the issue with America’s Rifle is a strong ongoing debate. Again both sides offer valid points, but the one issues most fact is the ability to listen and be respectful towards the persons, stores, or sport teams reason and own point of views behind these issues. Proper knowledge should be taught, along with the good and bad both political sides think. We as the America people should not be against each other on an issue so strong like this one, for the sake of our sports, stores, and people who lives can been affect for the worse or maybe better.

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