Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men


Testosterone is a steroid hormone and the principal male sex hormone. In males, this anabolic steroid plays a key role in the development of the male reproductive tissues, including testis and prostate, and in the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics such as growth in muscle mass, body hair, bone mass, etc. Testosterone is also essential for well-being and the maintenance of health, and the prevention of a condition known as osteoporosis.

In short, testosterone is the male hormone that produces a male’s sex drive and develops his secondary male characteristics, such as facial hair, chest hair, and a lower voice. However, after the age of 30 years, most males in the human population start experiencing gradual declines in their testosterone levels. Declination in testosterone level is usually accompanied by some loss of interest in sex, which is why many end up believing that the symptom is simply an effect of aging.

Symptoms Low Testosterone Can Produce In Males

Low testosterone levels can produce a variety of symptoms in affected males, which are likely to act as major issues. The following are some possible symptoms of low testosterone in men:

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a major role in maintaining libido or sex drive. While males will usually experience declines in their sex drive as they age, declination in testosterone levels will make it likelier for them to experience a drastic decrease in their sex drives. However, in women, decrease in testosterone levels can increase sex drives, as well as other factors like mood and hormonal changes.

Difficulties in Achieving Erection

Testosterone not only helps males out with their sex drives, but also aids their bodies in the achievement of erection. Testosterone stimulates receptors located in the brain and causes them to initiate the production of nitric oxide, which, in turn, triggers erection.

When testosterone levels are low enough, a male experiencing the condition carries the possibility of achieving erection before sex, or may experience spontaneous erection.

Decrease in Semen Volume

Testosterone plays a significant role in the production of semen, a fluid that aids the motility of sperm. The more testosterone a male has, the more semen he is likely to produce. Men who have low testosterone levels are likely to notice degradation in their sperm volume on ejaculation.


Males with low testosterone levels are likely to experience cases of extreme or high fatigue, as well as noticeable decrease in usual energy levels. If you remain tired or fatigued most of them even after getting enough sleep, or find it hard to convince yourself to carry out physically stressful tasks, a low testosterone level might be the cause.

Decrease in Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a major role in improving muscle mass and strengthening the muscles in males, and low levels of testosterone is likely to induce a decrease in muscle mass as well as strength. Individuals who try to gain muscle mass and strength through training and workouts might find it hard to increase or build muscle strength and mass.

Treatments for low T is also possible, just visit the best doctor of your nearby places and consult him for best and quick results.

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