Stunning Apartment Design with Marble and Porcelain


This apartment displays the kind of style and elegance that only the classic and timeless appearance of marble can provide. It actually features both genuine natural stone and engineered marble tiles, which combine to create this unique look. Marble is distinctive through its veined pattern and has been used as part of salubrious designs within historic buildings for hundreds of years. Its decorative look has ensured that marble has remained as popular as ever for contemporary decors. This apartment showcases how an incredibly stylish design can be created without compromising on comfort.

Creating a Wow Factor

It can be easier than you may think to create a wow factor with your apartment design. On their own you may not consider soft neutral colours like cream, beige and ivory to have enough standout quality in order to transform a particular area. When combined, however, they can help to produce breathtaking designs like this. Even simple elements like contemporary plant features and a mirror comprising of a diagonal pattern can have a large impact on subtle decors. The focal point of this apartment is of course the majestic glass chandelier. Marble floors work to great effect in open plan apartments. The natural veins create a spacious feel and with these particular tiles the cream colour is accentuated by a polished finish. Although a number of design themes may feature within a larger property, in most apartments it’s best to just perfect one overriding idea. As you can see when all the different aspects of a design complement each other superbly well, as they do within this apartment, it can produce a truly spectacular appearance throughout.

Natural Stone and Marble Effect Tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles with a marble appearance you have the option of either genuine natural stone or an engineered variety. Each has its own advantages when used as part of interior designs. In this apartment design both varieties have been used. If you are after an entirely authentic look and character, natural marble tiles are the perfect choice for you. Marble tiles are available in a non gloss matt finish or with a reflective polished surface. Marble is not only used on walls and floors but its decorative quality can also be incorporated, to beautiful effect, within fireplace surrounds and skirting boards. Large marble slabs as part of a uniformed splash back design can also produce an outstanding backdrop in kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered marble effect porcelain tiles are also acquired for interior designs. They have a marble style provided by a veined pattern. Porcelain is incredibly hard wearing with an extremely low moisture absorption rate, making it perfect for bathroom and kitchen floors. It’s an outstanding, low maintenance, alternative to genuine marble stone tiles. Marble effect porcelain is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes. So, if you still want the look of marble in your home, choosing low cost porcelain tiles will help to emulate the beauty of this much sought after natural stone.

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