Peter Max – A Creative Icon in The World of Pop Art


Pop art has been extremely popular in the UK and the USA for over 50 years, and its sway over art lovers is still strong. Pop art is a vibrant form of art known for its style, patterns, and bold themes. This art is loved by both the old and the young. It is found on prominent consumer brands and other items that are associated with band and pop music.

Peter Max – Meet an icon inspiration in the pop art world

Peter Max is one of the most creative and inspirational artists in the field of pop art in the USA. He has covered the music band and the pop culture that was popular in the 1960s to 1970s in the USA in an extensive way. He pays a lot of attention when he paints and loves to use vibrant colors and details. His work has been widely sought after by museums and galleries. Agents approach him on a regular basis for displaying his works of art that have stolen the hearts of millions across the world. You can come across his famous works of art on social media platforms like Facebook and Google.

Official artist for several esteemed and prominent events in the USA

He has been chosen to be the official artist for six Grammy Awards in the USA, All-Star Game, NHL, The Voice- the popular reality show and many more other events. Some of them are so iconic that they are still remembered today. He has designed the artwork for some advertising brands as well – the most famous being the 7-Up soft drink campaign.

An insight into his childhood and influences in art

He has created some outstanding pieces of art for pop and music bands. He loves to use a lot of cosmic elements of the Universe in his work. When he was in Shanghai, he was deeply influenced by a Buddhist monastery and later he took an active interest in astronomy as well. He has even painted The Statute of Liberty in over 50 ways. Each of the ways by which he has painted the Statute of Liberty is unique, and they appear different from every perspective. He was also very close to the popular music band The Beatles in unique ways as well. His paintings are so unique that pop art lovers from across the world travel miles just to see them in galleries and museums. He has always been encouraged by his mom and dad to pursue arts from his childhood. Later he was trained by some iconic artists of the world and decided to pursue a career in art.

Peter Max was deeply shocked and moved with the Santa Barbara Oil Spill that occurred in 1969. This was a turning point in his life, and he directed his sole attention towards painting on environmental themes and issues for the protection of the planet against pollution and misuse. With his paintings on the subject, he spreads messages to people that it is high time for them to wake up and become aware of the detrimental effects of environmental pollution on humanity and the world.

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