One can take help of official sperm donors to have a child


Sperm donations are not a very easy process. One has to go through a lot of rules and regulations when they think of donating sperm or to get sperm for artificial insemination. There are a lot of queries regarding how this entire process goes and works.

Sperm bank Mumbai or in any other cities have some basic rules and regulations both in case of sperm donors and for sperm takers.

If you’re considering sperm donation, you probably have loads of questions – how it works, where you get the sperm from, can your child contact the donor and more. One needs a sperm donor only if one is not able to produce a baby on their own. Many males suffer from sexual diseases or from low sperm counts as a result of which, they fail to have their own baby. In that case, their lady partners fail to get pregnant due to lack of healthy sperms. So, they need a sperm donor to bear a child. This is also the same in case of single mothers. They do not have a male partner and so they want to get a sperm donor to become a mother and to give birth. The sperm when inseminated can fertilise the egg in the female body and it is passed to the womb with the help of a fine plastic tube.

Now, the question is, from where to get the sperm. Some couple may go for a known person to donate sperm and help them. But mostly, one takes help from a sperm donation bank. There are licensed sperm banks in major cities of India and abroad from where one can officially take sperms and then carry forward the rest of the process.

It is a safe and good idea to take it from sperm banks because; they follow some strict rules and then authorise a person to become a sperm donor. The first thing they go for is a serious and mandatory health check-up for all the men who are interested to become donors. This is a very crucial and main part of the entire process. One has to check whether the donor has any kind of serious disease or any kind of sexual disease. If they have any, then they are not qualified to donate sperms. The sperm donation banks or clinics also go for a family and background check if a person qualifies in all the medical tests and the authority thinks that he is physically fit for sperm donation. There go rounds of interviews where they ask about the family members of the donor and their educational backgrounds. They also check about the sexual behaviour of the donor. In fact, if the donor has a family history or a medical history, then they have to share that as well to the authority.

If one goes for an official sperm donor, then everything goes according to the rule. The bay that is born from that will always legally belong to the couple and the registered donor has no right so far on the child. But if you go for private donors then legally that donor can be a parent of the child.

One can find sperm bank in Navi Mumbai India and they can be of great help and will guide you through the process.

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