Long Term Travel in Australia


Australia is a large and diverse country and long term travel is a great way to see as much of it as possible. If you want to stay in Australia for more than a year, you can experience a great deal. However, you also have to be aware of some practical realities, such as getting the proper visa. When planning long term travel, it’s important to plan it out so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Long Term Visas in AustraliaA typical visa lets you stay in Australia for up to three months. If you want to stay longer than this, you will need a Long Stay visa. This type of visa will allow you to stay for either six or twelve months. If you want to stay longer than this to work, study or explore independently you will have to get a different type of visa.

If you have a job in Australia, you may be eligible for an employer sponsored visa. You generally need certain skills to obtain this type of visa. Another way to stay in Australia for longer periods of time is to get a student visa. This means you will have to be taking courses with an accredited college or university.

Once you have been in Australia for two years, it’s possible to apply for permanent residency, also known as a permanent visa. At first, you receive a five year initial visa. You can do research and apply the visa you need on your own or you can consult with a migration agent to help you sort it out.

Preparing For a Long Term Stay in Australia

In addition to taking care of your visa requirements, there are some other issues you should deal with when preparing for your trip.

Budget -If you have a certain travel budget, you will have to allocate it towards things like airfare, travel around Australia, housing and living expenses. The more of this you can arrange in advance, the easier it will be to stick to your budget.

Transportation -How do you intend to move around the country? It’s possible to fly or get railway passes. Many travelers find that renting a vehicle such as a campervan is the best way to see the scenery up close. This allows you to explore some of the wilder regions of the country.

Medical Requirements -You may need certain vaccinations to travel to Australia. If you have any chronic health conditions, this may also affect your eligibility. If you take any medications, you should research where you can obtain these while in Australia.

Make Your Dream of an Australian Trip a Reality

Long term travel takes quite a bit of planning. Planning your visa, budget, housing, transportation and other expenses will allow you to enjoy your trip while reducing the likelihood of problems. For the legal requirements, a migration agent can be very helpful to ensure you obtain the proper visa. Australia is a country made up of many diverse regions. Long term travel can allow you to experience many of these places in a way that ordinary tourists cannot.

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