Kitchen Table Top, The Materials


Favorite materials to make the table top are granite, marble and solid surface. Each material pick its own advantages and disadvantages. These materials are an option most favored by lovers of interior design especially to be applied on the kitchen table top set primarily serves as a pedestal table for cooking preparation activities.

As an end user, you also need to know what material you choose so that you are sure you have the right choices for your table top. Here’s a comparison of each material for you to know:

Solid surface

Solid surface is made of acrylic with or without a mixture of other materials that are processed in such a way that it becomes a strong material, hard, heat resistant but easily formed. Solid surface material as table top practically the most good quality compared to granite and marble.

In the reverse of granite, solid surface has more light weight and non-porous, so the kitchen area cleanliness is maintained because the fluid can not be absorbed into it. In addition the material is also easily bent or shaped according to the desired results. Because the material is easy to shape the design choices become more widespread. Besides table top surface will look smooth, neat without connection.


Granite comes from natural stone. Strength of granite is very high compared to the solid surface and marble. The material is hard, heat-resistant and easy to clean. However, granite has a pores. The pores on the granite pedestal table top kitchen set, can be the growth of germs and bacteria. This is due to dirt from the rest of the food absorbed and precipitated in the pores of the granite. Consequently the kitchen set table top can also be contaminated with bacteria.

Stiff forms of granite and can not be bent is also one other drawback. Connection lines will be clearly visible. So the choice of design for the granite material is limited to basic shapes and tend to be stiff.

Types of granite are very diverse, such as california yellow granite, star white, crystal pink, black gold, polycrom, nero absolute and many others.


Marble, same as granite it comes from natural stone. Marble is beautiful but fragile and likely to stain. But the quality is far below from the solid surface and granite. Besides having pores that can absorb food flakes into it, water exposure and moist easily make it mold and causes less hygienic of your kitchen area
However, if you know how to clean and care, these material can be considered since the cheapest price among others.

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