John Kang WebMD – How Is Liquidmetal Changing the Face of The Medical Industry


Liquidmetal is popular in the market today for its unique manufacturing process and durability. It holds a prominent place in medical technology and shows great promise in the future. John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the field the medical industry, and he says that Liquidmetal is a brand and the collective name given to a group of amorphous metal alloys that have been fused with one another. This combination gives Liquidmetal a unique property making is perfect for diverse applications in medical technologies the prime one being medical devices.

John Kang WebMD- How is Liquidmetal developed?

Many people believe that Liquidmetal is new ever since Apple has expressed its desire to own some patents of Liquidmetal technologies. The John Kang WebMD specialist team say that Liquidmetal was first developed by a team of researchers at The California Institute of Technology (CalTech) and was originally called Vitreloy that later became commercially famous as Liquidmetal. It is a desirable material primarily because of its distinct properties the main one being it is resistant to breaking when under tension and is not harmed by environmental factors. Liquidmetal also is similar to elastic and can be made into any device that is safe and comfortable to wear. This is why Liquidmetal is considered to be one of the best materials for the manufacture of surgical and medical devices.

The application of Liquidmetal in the medical industry

Precision is the main reason why Liquidmetal is considered to be the ideal material for the manufacture of medical devices. The malleability and the gradual drop in viscosity of the temperature rise when the heat is applied to the material in its manufacturing process, and this is how it becomes similar to glass making it simple for the manufacturer to make devices that have accurate precision needed for very small devices in the medical industry like surgical implants.

The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts say that Liquidmetal is ideal for creating big to very small medical implants. Besides medical implants, John Kang says dental devices also benefit with the help of Liquidmetal. It gives dental implants the highest levels of precision and accuracy. If you examine dental devices, they mostly are very odd in shape, and the properties of Liquidmetal makes it simple for manufacturers to make them for the safety and the comforts of patients. Another advantage of Liquidmetal is they have a longer shelf life and are resistant to climatic factors like corrosion. Liquidmetal is very strong, durable and has the ability to last for a very long time.

The John Kang WebMD specialists add Liquidmetal is not a new concept. It has been around since 2003. In the beginning, Liquidmetal has used in consumer electronic products mainly smartphones. Later, it was used for the manufacture of sports equipment like golf clubs, skis, casings for USBs and luxury watches. Known for its durability and ability not to wear easily, Liquidmetal is ideal for manufacturing very small medical and dental implants with success. Its future in the medical and healthcare industry is very bright and here to stay!

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