How to understand that you are ready for labor?


If it happens to be your first delivery then a lot of nervous thoughts might be wondering at the back of your mind. It starts with a HIV test the moment you are diagnosed with pregnancy. HIV Aids in pregnancy is not a grave issue but preparations are to be taken so that it does not pass on to the developing baby. With regards to medicine for HIV during pregnancy things do become a lot easy. But the most important point to be aware is when you are heading to labor. You need to anticipate the early signs of labor and work in relation to them

The signs that you can expect when you are in labor?

Once you are about to reach the stage of labor you are likely to witness a lot of changes in the body. If you analyse carefully these changes would include the following

  • You tend to be over emotional. If you are crying for no specific reason this could mean an early sign of labor as the hormones are running all over the body preparing you for child birth.
  • An increase in the amount of false contractions that goes by the name of Braxton Hicks contractions.
  • An increase in the amount of vaginal discharge
  • The chances of losing your mucus plug also going by the name of show
  • A strong feeling that you might be needing to stay close to your home
  • Mild diarrhoea as this is going to clear the digestive system to make labor along with the process of birth a lot easy
  • There is a need where you feel that you might have to organize and clean your home. This goes by the name of nesting.

The signs of labor

In case if you face the symptoms of labor, then your pregnancy is well on its way

  • The water breaking- there could be a sudden rush or a trickle in a continuous manner
  • Pain that is witnessed in the lower back
  • Any show if you are not going to lose it earlier
  • Consistent and regular contractions. It could be in the form of menstrual cramps or a feeling of tightness around the region of your belly

It has been witnessed that in case of many women the process of labor starts when the water breaks. Water that is present is nothing rather than amniotic fluid which the baby floats during the course of pregnancy. The breaking of water can be a continuous trickle or if it comes down in a gush you might have to head over to the hospital and get it checked. Try to figure out the colour of the fluid and what is the exact quantity of it. If black or green pieces of fluid are being witnessed there is a strong chance that the baby is in distress.

In case if you think that the water has not broken just put on a maxi pad and check it after an hour. If the fluid appears to be amniotic fluid it will wet the pad.

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