How to deal with pain while pregnant


The early and most common symptom of pregnancy is missed-period though there are several other signs and symptoms too. Here is one checklist comprises of those signs: 1.Fatigue 2.Cramping or slight bleeding 3.Nausea with or without vomiting 4.Tender and swollen breast 5.Food aversions or cravings 6. Headaches and Backache 7. Leg cramps and Sore feet 8. Constipation 9.Mood swings 10. Faintness and Dizziness. The intensity, frequency and duration of pregnancy symptoms also can vary.

Headaches and Backache

Due to hormonal changes, stress, fatigue headache and severe lower back pain occurred. Early in pregnancy, increased blood circulation caused by hormonal changes, dehydration and sinus congestion may trigger frequent, mild headaches. The first trimester is also a common time for tension headache. Though it may lead to severe headache in last trimester. During pregnancy once ligaments loosen and belly swells and leading to that lower back takes some strain. This also in later trimester may give a severe struck.

Leg cramps and Sore feet

A pregnant woman got a lot of extra (about 50%) blood in her system during pregnancy, and sometimes too much of it ends up in her lower limbs. Because of that, she can experience swelling and pressure in her lower extremities. Pregnancy oedema and extra weight are also being cause of this pain. Natural weight gain can put pressure on her feet and ligaments near the arch of her feet making her feet hurt.Over-pronation is also known as flat feet and it is caused by the excessive pressure on the foot, during pregnancy. The centre of gravity in a pregnant mother’s body shifts as a result of the weight of the growing baby. This will require her to change the position and the posture that she stand-in, causing undue stress on her feet. To get some relief from this aches and pains one can go through pain medication while pregnant list.

Remedies to prevent pains

Although, those aches and painsare the common symptoms of pregnancy, there are many remedies that may give some ease during pregnancy and to help to walk and stand easy.

  1. One can take help of orthotics which provide support to her foot arch and prevent it from flattening out.
  2. To prevent oedema one can try and put feet up whenever sit down to facilitate blood flow.
  3. Need to keep herself hydrated. Because dehydration can worsen swelling and increase water retention.
  4. Need to consume a balanced diet and avoid excess salt as it can contribute to water retention.
  5. If anyone is experiencing excessive pain, she may can use a bag of ice to relieve the pain.
  6. Rotating ankles, one at a time to improve blood circulation, can also help in the case of foot cramps.
  7. And last but not the least, pain killer medicines which can be consumed as prescribed by the doctor.


Though it is always good to go with natural remedies during pregnancy. Still, in worst case scenario, if anyone have intolerable pain or ache, may go through pain medication while pregnant as well, but after directly being referred by her physician.

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