How Do Accident Lawyers in The UK Differ from Those Internationally?

Accident Lawyers

Accident lawyers in the United Kingdom operate differently to lawyers from other countries, and in several different ways. The key difference between a lawyer from the United Kingdom and a lawyer from the United States, for example, is that in the United Kingdom a lawyer will take a personal injury claim on under a conditional fee agreement, otherwise known as a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. This is allowed through the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990, with the part introduced into courts in the United Kingdom in 1995.

Another key difference between accident lawyers in the UK and those internationally, is that in the UK, most claims are settled outside of court. In some other countries, this is not the case, and furthermore, some personal injury cases must be tried in court. This is especially true of claims that have a high value. In the UK, personal injury claims rarely see the inside of a court room, except under exceptional circumstances. For example, if the other side has offered a low pay-out for the claimant’s injuries, then the claimant’s solicitor may advise their client to issue court proceedings, so that a fair pay-out can be realised.

Lastly, in the United Kingdom, people are protected by the law thoroughly in cases of personal injury. In some other countries, such protection does not apply. This means that it can be incredibly difficult, or fruitless, to bring a claim forward in other countries. Because of this, people in the United Kingdom have some of the best rights out of anywhere in the world; hence, why the personal injury legal industry in the United Kingdom is so huge.

Who should process a claim for a UK citizen injured abroad?

This is a very interesting question, because it effectively crosses borders. The answer however is simple: Accident lawyers in the United Kingdom should process an accident claim for people who are British Citizens, or people who reside in the UK, and have been injured in another country. It is important to consider though that if you have been injured abroad, you may not be protected by British or European law.

For example, if you have been injured on a package holiday, then you can make a claim with the package holiday company. If, however, you travelled by booking your flight and hotel separately, you will have no single entity to make a claim with, unless of course you were injured on your flight or within the hotel’s grounds. Whatever the case, you should seek out specialist legal advice immediately if you have been injured abroad. You should also remember that you may not have the same legal rights as if you were injured in the UK.

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