How Can You Buy a Used Car?


Buying a used car is tough but you can do it if you follow the right steps one by one.  The best to confirm a good car is by taking a test drive.  It will help you analyze the auto’s actual situation.  Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  1. Make sure the auto has enough room for you and your family members
  2. How comfortable was your drive. Make sure your driving seat is adjustable as per your perfect height.
  3. Maintenance check light should not be on.
  4. Any weird or unusual smell in the car
  5. Quality of the tyres
  6. Make sure the breaks are pressing properly during the test drive
  7. Be sure to open the hood of the vehicle. Regardless of whether or not you have any previous knowledge of the auto parts, simply taking a peek at it will help you spot if something looks fishy
  8. The air conditioner of the car should be working properly. Check it with all options.  Also, make sure the vents are not broken or blocked.
  9. You should ask for the service record of the auto. This will confirm the proper maintenance of the vehicle.
  10. Head lights, break lights and other lights should all be functioning properly.

Whether you wish to purchase a petrol or diesel trucks in Fontana, pre-purchase inspection is a good idea which can be conducted by any local mechanics.  These mechanics are experts and are able to identify any possible problem with the car.  This is a cost to be borne by the future owner.  However, it is expenditure worth making.

If you are certain of the car to buy, you must start your negotiation process. This process has to be realistic and fair. Have the final number in mind.  Extend much lower offer than your strived budget.  If implemented properly, you should be able to cut a deal that fits your budget.  This is very important attribute as a used car will always have many other maintenance and other costs associated with it.

The final step is signing of the paper.  These may include the actual contract or purchase agreement, warranty, protection services, anti-theft devices and more.  Many used car dealers may also offer one year free maintenance.  It may also include actual cost to the buyer, fees and taxes associated with it along with license charges.

It is also vital to confirm the number of pre-owners of the vehicle.  You must get the title of the vehicle in your name before making the final payment.  At the DMV, make sure there are no pending fees associated with the car, including the registration fees. Of course proper insurance is required before you get behind the wheels to drive it off.


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