Here’s How You Can Win The Heart Of A Stripper


Hitting on someone you have a crush on is not a matter of joke but the stakes are really high when one lost their heart to a stripper. It is clear that if your case is that of the latter, you can’t take this lightly. Winning the heart of a stripper is like lighting the fuse of a giant firecracker. If you are successful in your attempt, you will be witnessing a marvellous show of both light and sound. With that being said, you need to muster up the courage to go there first.

The following blog will enlighten the readers with some tried and tested tips anyone can use to win the heart of a stripper. Be sure to read each one of them sincerely. In other news, if you are willing to know some about professional strippers, you can find the details here.

You need to spend a lot of your greens to win the favour of your darling

It is a known fact that when you are willing to win the heart of a professional stripper, you need to spend a lot of money. It is always beneficial to keep in mind that they are not dancing around you half naked for charity. They are professionals and they are offering their services to you for which you need to pay them.

Always make sure that you are showing interest

Another sure shot way of winning the preference of a stripper that you have eyed since you entered the adult entertainment party is to show them that you are interested in her. Not everyone is looking for a sugar daddy or sugar mama but there are some who would prefer a little more of one-on-one intimacy. If you are thinking that nervously waving from the back of the room would make you lucky well that is not the case. If you are in a strip club, make sure that you are buying a private dance and if you are in an adult entertainment party, be sure to show some greens and give the signs that you are interested.

Are you a regular? Please don’t be

One of the worst steps you can take is to think that being a regular visitor of a strip club can gain you the preference of a stripper. Even if you are hiring the services of an adult party entertainment service provider and asking for that particular stripper on which you have your eye on, make sure that you are not a regular there as well. Even people who dance around half naked for money think that people who are that much into the world of stripping are downright weird.

Wrapping this scintillating post with another pro tip – guys and gals, if you are serious about winning the heart of a stripper, be sure that your timing is as perfect as the sun’s motion! It is always best to hit on a stripper when they are in an exciting mood. The best way to know whether a stripper is excited is when they are using a lot of verbs in their sentences. This is pure science which means that if you can cash in on this, you will be on the winning side.

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