Heat Pump Dryers: A Wise Choice!


Just as washing machines are used for washing clothes, dryers are used for drying them. All kinds of clothes dryers function by blowing warm air through the clothes to dehydrate them. However, sophisticated dryers use different technologies to accomplish this function. Vented clothes dryer releases hot and humid air into the surrounding environment and so requires good ventilation. If not provided with necessary ventilation, its surrounding environment will turn hot and humid. Vented clothes dryers are cheap to buy. Unlike vented dryers, which release moist hot air from the dryer into your room, condenser dryers employ a heat exchanger for condensing moisture from the exhaust air. They collect condensed moisture in a reservoir or drain it away. Gas clothes dryers operate on natural gas instead of using electricity as a heat source. Gas dryers are function well, but are expensive and state certain precautions for selection of clothes. Heat pump condenser dryers employ heat exchange principles of reverse cycle air conditioner for warming the air to dry the clothes. This makes heat pump dryers a cheaper option in comparison to other driers in terms of its operation. These dryers use approximately 40 to 50 percent less energy than the other types of dryers.

A more advanced version of dryer that shakes off the disadvantages of the basic dryer and scores over it in performance is a beste warmtepompdroger heat pump dryer. It is a sort of condensing dryers. The heat pump of this dryer is fitted with a hot coil and a cold coil. It uses hot air to dry clothes by blowing it into the drum chamber. Its next step is to suck out the humid air from the drum and turn it back into moisture by cooling it. Then it collects this moisture in the tank and the residual cool air is re-heated and pumped back into the drum chamber. So, this process continues and the resources are used again and again till the clothes are completely dried. The heat pumps cool the air turned humid with the moisture of the wet clothes by using air-cooled metal plate or a cold-water based control system. The cold coil of the heat pump is used to cool the moisture-saturated hot air and extract moisture from it. Once the moisture has been extracted, the residual dry air is heated up using the hot coil of the heat pump.

The cost of a heat pump dryer is often slightly higher than a condenser dryer. However, it gets justifiedby its use over the years. The extra price gets offset within a few years if you dry your laundry more than 6 times a week.

The other important things to considerfor the type of clothes dryer are energy class, average annual energy and water consumption, fill weight, number and type of programs, yes/no automatic programs, moisture sensor, anti-crease function, convenience of operation, indication end of program/remaining time, indication emptying water reservoir, indication control filter, adjustable start time and noise level.

To choose the best dryer, bestewarmtepompdroger in Dutch,Wasdroger offers a web site https://was-droger.nl/warmtepompdroger with information on vast number of dryers from different manufacturers.

It also offers online wizard to help you choose the dryer according to your needs. The web site also shows the star rating that the customers have given to different dryers. So, this is the best place to browse through the different types of dryers available in the market and choose one to buy.

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