Does My Company Need To Shred Documents?


Another year is coming to a close soon and one consideration for many companies is destroying all of those documents to make for a clean slate in the next year. Most business owners realize that document shredding reduces the clutter of useless junk files and can raise efficiency in the office, but what about the employees spending their time on the company dollar to shred them? We pay people to throw out our garbage, so it’s not surprising that it can be more valuable and safe to call in an expert document shredding service.

While the image of using an employee to slowly feed paper into a shredder for days so it does not jam or break at the end of the year is unappealing to said employer and employee, it pales in comparison to client, employee and customer information leaking. In today’s hyper-digitized world, there are many enticing reasons people may decide to get sticky fingers for profit. Some even record or photograph sensitive information before document destruction. These secrets can be very valuable to competitors or shady third parties. When information the customer trusted your company with gets out, it causes not only identity theft, but lowers your reputation and trustworthiness. On-site document destruction companies can help with this. They not only make sure your employees are spending their time doing more constructive things, but since they do the job on-site, they can easily be monitored at the convenience of the company’s schedule. In the unlikely event that a third party company who has little way of knowing what information is valuable misappropriates said information, it is easy to track down exactly who is responsible, since it will not have been within the company. Good companies like Absolute Destruction document destruction also offer a Certificate of Destruction, which can help assure clients of document destruction safety.

It is also infinitely safer to have hard drives and other media storage devices destroyed, as reformatting or degaussing such devices does not always guarantee the data is gone. Visual confirmation that the electronic information will never be used again means that a company can step forward with complete confidence. Destroying recyclable material correctly will also comply with tricky environmental regulations; perhaps even raise a company’s green profile. Document destruction companies also offer ongoing services in addition to one-time bulk document shredding. They can supply safe containers to store the information in and work on a schedule for destroying them that fits into any business flow. The costs for such services are often surprisingly reasonable as well. So instead of wasting employee hours, perhaps it’s time to consider spending a fraction of the time hiring a document destruction company to safely and efficiently do all the dirty work. To get help from the best paper shredding services in Markham, Ontario contact the knowledgeable team at Absolute Destruction.

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