Brief Introduction About The Uses Of Advanced Ceramics


Ceramics are actually nonmetals that are comprised of metallic atoms arranged in an ionic bond. It is often said that ceramic has a crystalline value and so it is a good conductor of electricity. We all know about the usefulness of a ceramic but few of us are aware of the advancement made in the field of ceramics by introducing advanced ceramics. Your queries regarding the usefulness of advanced ceramic will get a fruitful answer in this article.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

What comes to your mind when you heard of the term ceramic? Probably pots and plates, however, it is not limited to such items rather it is too broad. But do you know that there are advanced ceramics are used in different industries like aerospace, medical and marine? An advanced ceramic can be defined as a crystalline and non-metallic material which displays some specific attributes.

In comparison to traditional types of ceramics, advanced ceramics are made with a controlled composition method in terms of grain size, porosity and grain shape. In order to ensure proper production of these ceramics, a clean room is required whereby the ceramics manufacturing attendants try to follow certain norms of processing it.

Uses In Aircraft Industry

Advanced ceramics are used in a large number of industries due to their diverse and reliable features. Here is a list of uses of an advanced ceramic.

  • Electrical: The advanced ceramics are widely used in the aerospace for producing electrical components like resistors, sensors, and capacitors. The reason for using it in electrical equipments is solely because of the fact that it has an insulating capacity and is temperature resistant. The advanced ceramics manufacturing companies are able to design antennas or other equipments with utmost diligence.
  • Application in turbines: Advanced ceramics like silicon carbide is used in the different parts of a plane’s engine. These ceramic are known to increase the efficiency of fuel of the aircraft. In fact, blades are often made of advanced ceramics as they are able to work well at high temperatures.

Properties of advanced ceramics

When we try to compare ceramics with that of metals then we will end up counting the advantages of an advanced ceramic. An advanced ceramic is rich in a wide range property and this is the reason why it is used in diverse sectors. Here is a list of properties that makes advanced ceramics one of the best choices.

  • Advanced ceramics are made with accurate chemical composition and so it is quite rigid.
  • They are regarded as a good insulator and are also heat resistant.
  • Advanced ceramics are considered to be highly durable and are able to increase the performance of an engine.

Therefore, you have got an idea about the diverse properties and uses of advanced ceramics. You can use it in different types of industries like aerospace, health care and even automotive. Its use can ensure stability, reliability, and durability to any material. You need to choose a good manufacturing company for obtaining all the advantages from these non-metallic items.

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