Best Bike Storage Solutions For 2021


Like we need room to rest our bike also deserves a place to rest. Finding the right and safe place for keeping a bike is the most common dilemma that probably every bike owner faces. No matter if it’s your brand new bike or an old one you must arrange a space where you could keep it safe. Here we are listing the best bike storage solutions available in this New Year 2021:-

Floor racks- If you want something simple yet efficient, this one is going to be an ideal choice. It’s very easy to use. It requires no special installation. This rack can be placed on your floor and you could move it from place to place easily. It keeps your favourite bike safe and straight. It sets free all the bike owners from the haphazard of finding a space to keep their bike. This storage solution has gained popularity for a very long time and we could expect its popularity to remain high in 2020 also.

Traditional shelter- Whether it’s a cycle, a motorcycle or a bike you can trust this place blindly. This offers you two choices. You can get it with the feature of open back or close back. It’s built with a strong steel material that prevents your bike from water damage, sun damage, dust exposure and many more. So if you are searching a safe and reliable place for your bike, your search ends with Cycle shelter

Sheffield Bike rack- This also known as toast racks. It’s the safest place to store your bike. It comes with a feature of a hoop where you can store two bikes together. It’s available in different sizes and colours. If you have any colour preference, go ahead and choose your favourite coloured rack. Kids to adults, everyone can use this rack. It’s very comfortable to use and very easy to access.

Wall mount rack- Space is a real issue. Most bike storage claims a lot of space. So what if you don’t have that much space to offer? Well no worries, there is an alternative. A wall mount rack is ideal to solve this issue of lack of space. This storage solution can store 2 bikes without killing a lot of spaces. It has a simple yet elegant outlook that somehow can modernize your home. Also, you can fold it when you are not using it.

Cycle security cages- It’s exactly what it sounds. It’s a cage with a lot of spaces where people can keep their bikes for long hours. Such cages have been prepared using high-quality steel. So you can imagine its durability. It’s highly secured. Schools, commercial blocks, professional buildings nowadays have this storage solution.

Thus to conclude finding a safe place for your bike is not hard anymore. The above mentioned five storage solutions have been ruling the market for decades now and they are gonna rock the year 2021 too.

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