A complete guide to sprung dance floors


Dancing is one of the purest and most enticing forms of arts that requires a lot of dedication, passion, and determination. Although there are a myriad of dancing forms out there that are practiced by people and they all look very different but the one thing that is common in most dance forms is jumping and landing. The jumping and landing put additional stress on the joints and it doesn’t matter which type of shoes you wear, they alone can’t prevent the stress. This is why there is no room for error when it comes to choosing the dance floor as it plays an important role in minimizing stress.

An ideal dance academy or training school will always be equipped with a sprung dance floor as this is perfect for each and every type of dance form. You should know that the sprung dance floor is set on high density foam that is designed in such a way that it absorbs most of the shock from the body and thus it helps in preventing injuries due to jumping and landing. All the famous and popular dance studios in your city must be equipped with this type of dance floor as there is nothing better than this.

How sprung flooring evolved?

Earlier, people didn’t have many choices when it came to dancing floors and most of the people opted for either wood or linoleum. You must have seen even the dancing stages made purely of wood but soon people realized that practicing any form of dance on wood is not good for the dancers and this is where the hunt for a better dancing floor began.

But since different types of dance forms required different types of flooring, people began with manufacturing the same hardwood floor in different ways and installed them differently. The basic idea of this evolution involved the use of metal springs, basketweave systems, and sleepers. After that, the top layer of hardwood was installed and this was much better than the previous flooring but it had its own flaws.

Because of the flaws, companies started looking for better innovation in the semi-spring floor system, and finally, they came up with the idea of sprung flooring. This type of flooring fits in like a glove in the dancers’ needs, theater performers, and athletes.

The key features of the sprung dance floor are:

Minimizes chances of injury

Many experts have said that the injuries in dancing are closely associated with the type of flooring used by the dancers. And this is why any type of good quality sprung flooring that comes with good resilience is considered ideal for each and every type of dancer out there.

The sprung flooring is designed in such a way that it absorbs the strain and pressure, allowing you to perform a more complex jump and landing moves without any injuries. But you should never miss checking the DIN standards while buying sprung flooring; these standards were specifically formulated to check resilience, shock absorption, impact, and surface friction.

Better performance

The progressive shock absorbency of sprung flooring makes it perform better than all the other flooring options out there in the market. This unique feature of sprung flooring minimizes each and every type of impact and this is why it is considered ideal for various dance forms which require high impact routines.

In addition to this, the sprung floor’s surface has a degree of traction that helps the dancers to perform complex dance moves without worrying about slipping/ falling. Proper foot stability is an essential part of all the dance forms and sprung dance floor aids in this type of stability.

What do you need to know about installation?

If you are looking for a quote from a flooring company for sprung dance floors then you should give them linear feet by length and width. This will allow the flooring company to give you an accurate estimate. Even the installation of the sprung floor requires very little effort and time and thus you will not have to go through long downtime while getting the sprung flooring installed in your studio or academy. So, just call the best flooring company in your city and get the sprung floor installed.

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